House sale

Selling your house? Preferably as soon as possible and for the best price, of course! Without costing you time and effort. And of course with proper handling. Nothing more and nothing less...

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Purchase a house

If you are viewing a house you will nearly always be dealing with the broker of the seller. That is why for a second visitation you should make use of your own NVM Buyer Agent who only looks after your interests…

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The appraisal of homes and business premises must be performed carefully and requires an expert. Jan-Paul van Daal and Sander Kerkhof are sworn-in brokers, registered brokers and members of the NVM. They are most happy to be of service to you when it comes to an extensive apparaisel with correct valuation of the object.

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Search service

Sign up for our search service. State your housing requirements and we will email you the properties that meet your search requirements. So you always stay informed.

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Looking to rent out your property? With our expertise you're ensured of smooth handling and excellent services throughout the process

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Have you found your dream home or do you wish to find out about your financial opportunities beforehand? We work closely together with professional financial experts.

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Corporate housing

In search of office space in Delft?  We map out your needs and wishes and will guide throughout the process of finding suitable accommodation for your business.

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Exclusive living

Take living to a new level with our exclusive living services. Find your dream home or sell your unique property with Van Daal Makelaardij.

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New housing development

On a daily basis we actively work on our available listings, but we also plan ahead for projects that are being developed in the future. Reach out to us for sales advice, as both private buyers or as a developer.

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