Purchase broker of the year

Of the NVM department Haaglanden

House sale

Selling your house? Preferably as soon as possible and for the best price, of course! Without costing you time and effort. And of course with proper handling. Nothing more and nothing less...

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Purchase a house

If you are viewing a house you will nearly always be dealing with the broker of the seller. That is why for a second visitation you should make use of your own NVM Buyer Agent who only looks after your interests…

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Valuing homes and company buildings is a matter for experts. Only register brokers and register valuers are allowed to carry out official valuations. Jan-Paul van Daal and Sander Kerkhof are sworn as broker, register broker (RMT)...

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Van Daal Makelaardij

De NVM makelaar voortaxaties, aankoop, verkoop en verhuur van uw woning. Van Daal Makelaardij is een modern en energiek makelaarskantoor dat zich onderscheidt op het gebied van: deskundigheid, service en inlevingsvermogen.

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Parkzoom ong
2614 TE Delft
€ 19.500 k.k.
Sint Joriszicht 12
2612 RS Delft
€ 399.000 k.k.
102m² 300m³ 3 rooms
Goudappel 87
2635 MN Den Hoorn
€ 439.500 k.k.
139m² 476m³ 7 rooms