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Van Daal Makelaardij is a real estate agency, affiliated with the NVM and specialized in the purchase, sale, rental and valuation of real estate.

Everyone has their own specialty and for information regarding a new mortgage we advise you to hire a specialist in that area. De Hypotheker has helped more than a million consumers with the purchase of their house in more than 25 years of its existence. They assure that all financial aspects are arranged and handled to perfection. All this so that you can live comfortably and enjoy your home, carefree.

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The affirmation principle

The Hypotheker functions according to the principle of ‘7 yeses’

  • Mortgage advice that is tailored to your situation
  • Completely independent
  • Clear and transparent
  • We provide an optimal mortgage offer with the best price
  • We arrange everything for you
  • Maximum certainty
  • We constantly monitor your mortgage

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