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Van Daal Makelaardij is, and has always been involved with the sales of several newly-built projects around Delft. On a daily basis we are actively promoting and working on our currently available listings, but we also plan ahead for projects that will be developed in the future. Our projects vary from new development to renovation and for both rental and sales.

Over the years our expertise has been requested for projects in and around Delft. It is of utmost importance that a new project is put on the market with a solid plan and this starts with the design and planning. Ofcourse we therefor prefer to be called in as early in the process as possible.

We know what is happening in Delft and its immediate surroundings and where the opportunities lie. With great enthusiasm for this specific branch, we give both verbal and formal advice and guide processes all the way from the start to a successful execution. Our strength lies in thinking along about marketing and optimal branding. We have a solid administrative background; we are used to working with different databases. You can reach out to us for sales advice, as both private buyers or as a developer.

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