We will value your house

Valuations of houses and company buildings is a matter for experts. Only register brokers and register valuers can carry out official valuations. Jan-Paul van Daal and Sander Kerkhof are sworn as brokers, register brokers (RMT) and members of the NVM - your partner when it comes to a correct valuation.

Validation by NWWI and Taxateursunie

Our office is affiliated with the NWWI and Taxateursunie. The NWWI and Taxateursunie approve valuation reports of houses of affiliated valuers. They ensure that every valuation is drawn up according to clear and uniform guidelines. Financers, intermediaries and consumers will have clear, objective and reliable home valuations which will provide insight in the method in which the assessed value came into being. Only valuers which meet strict quality requirement are affiliated.


What is it needed for?

You can let your home be valued for tax purposes, private sale, insurances, in connection to a legacy or for the National Mortgage Guarantee. Van Daal Makelaardij handles your valuation in all these appropriate cases. Various aspects are addressed including:

  • The structural condition and maintenance
  • Content and surface area
  • Functional layout
  • Construction and materials used and its quality
  • Location and surroundings
  • Zoning plan
  • Environmental regulations and soil conditions
  • Level of insulation and energy efficiency
  • Obligations and rights, easements


Of course you will receive the valuation report on time and conforming to the agreement. Our valuation report is accepted by all financial institutions in the Netherlands.

If you, completely regardless of the objective of the valuation, do not require an official and extensive valuation report then we can also take care of a simpler, cheaper value statement.

24-hour Service

For rush orders we even deliver, depending on the object to be valued, within 24 hours. Do you want to commission valuation of your house or company building? Or do you need us for an emergency valuation? Call or e-mail us (Contact) for more information and a quote. We will value your house.

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