A correct valuation of your (future) property, appraised by a professional

Direct NWWI-taxatie aanvragen


Correctly carrying out the appraisal of a home or business premises is a diligent matter and should be done by experts. Only registered and certified appraisers are allowed to carry out official valuations. Jan-Paul van Daal, Sander Kerkhof and Jacqueline Papendrecht are our sworn-in real estate agents, registered brokers and appraisers (RMT). Like our office they too are members of the NVM (Dutch Branch organization for brokers and appraisers), and your partner when it comes to a correct valuation of your property.


Validation by NWWI and appraisers Union
Our office is affiliated with the NWWI and the appraisers Union. These authorities approve the reports of affiliated appraisers. They ensure that every valuation is drawn up and carried out uniformly and according to clear guidelines.

This provides lenders, intermediaries and consumers with clear, objective and reliable home appraisals that provide insight into the way in which the value has been established. Only appraisers who meet strict quality requirements may join the NWWI and the Appraisers Union.

Curious about the value of your home?

If, depending on the purpose of the valuation, you do not need an official and comprehensive valuation report, we can also provide a simpler, cheaper value statement that provides insight into the current value of the property.

What is it needed for?

You can let your home be valued for tax purposes, private sale, insurances, in connection to a legacy or for the National Mortgage Guarantee. Van Daal Makelaardij handles your valuation in all these appropriate cases. Various aspects are addressed including:

  • The structural condition and maintenance
  • Content and surface area
  • Functional layout
  • Construction and materials used and its quality
  • Location and surroundings
  • Zoning plan
  • Environmental regulations and soil conditions
  • Level of insulation and energy efficiency
  • Obligations and rights, easements

Of course you will receive the valuation report on time and conforming to the agreement. Our valuation report is accepted by all financial institutions in the Netherlands.

If you, completely regardless of the objective of the valuation, do not require an official and extensive valuation report then we can also take care of a simpler, cheaper value statement.

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